Quick Start Guide

Electronic gadgets often come with a Quick Start Guide, also known as, “If you won’t read the instruction manual, at least read this one page, you lazy bum, before you break something.”

SO... if you don’t want to read all of this lovely yet annoying web site, here’s the minimum you need to know to have fun at Gran Fondo Catskills.

What’s the Date?

Saturday August 24, 2019

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices start at XXX and vary depending on the options you select.

How Long Are the Rides

55 miles/3700' of climbing

70 miles/5100' of climbing

100 miles/7500' of climbing

125 miles/9200' of climbing

The Saturday daytime ride is about 26 miles.

The Night Ride (Saturday night) is about 17 miles, of which 99% is downhill.

The Sunday ride is about 30 miles.

Of course all rides are optional.

How Difficult is the Pedaling?

The Friday morning ride has two significant hills, but nothing you would write home about.  

The Saturday morning ride has a significant hill or two (but we'll be there to give you a lift up the hill if you wish! Sneaky, right?)

The Saturday Night Ride is 99% downhill. Sunday’s ride has some modest rollers, but nothing major.

Sunday's ride has no meaningful hills.

Far too much info about hills available here.

How Long is the Paddling Portion

From two hours to six hours, depending on which route you pick.  Your choice. There are some rapids, but nothing you can’t handle.

Am I Paddling a Canoe, Kayak, or Raft?

It’s your choice -- the price is the same. Please be aware that kayak’s DO sell out, so please reserve early during on-line registration.

How Do I Get to and From the Event?

You can get to and from on your own, or take our optional transportation for your bike and you.  Complete details here.

What If It Rains?

We all get wet.  


There is no charge for children 12 or younger on event day, but you DO have to register them.  

Please note that certain activities for children do cost money.  (Do I contradict myself?  Well, then I contradict myself...)

Basically, if it’s a service that we are providing (transport, cycling, campfire fun) then it’s free for kids.  But some services provided by outside organizations (such as river rafting or restaurants) charge for kids and you’ll have to pay for the kids.  Clear as mud?  You bet!

For the river paddling, kids pay the full adult price for that service.  (That decision made by the river rafting company; not me).  Children going down the river must be at least five years old and must weight at least 40 lbs.  Price: about $25 per kid per day.

If you are going to the distillery on Friday kids can look but clearly can not drink or they (and you) will get tossed out.

Kids are welcome on the bike rides as long as you honestly recognize how much pedaling they can handle.